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Remind Messages from Ms. Patillo 
Henderson Middle School uses the Remind App to quickly communicate with parents, students, teachers and staff.  If you have not already done so, please sign up to receive Remind updates from Ms. Patillo.  She will periodically send updates about events that happen at the school such as, for example, to inform parents about early school closings.  Last year this was critical during inclement weather and other unexpected events that affected the Henderson Middle community.  The code for this year is different from last year.  If you received Remind updates from Ms. Patillo last year, you will need to use the new code to get the text messages for this year.  CLICK HERE to download the document with the new code.
Remind Messages for Bus Dismissal Updates
CLICK HERE to download the flyer containing the Remind App code to sign up for bus dismissal updates.   This will allow you to know which buses have arrived at Henderson Middle School and when afternoon dismissal is complete.  We encourage our students to sign up for the updates so they can check their individual cell phones to verify which bus dismissal wave they will participate in for that day.  As a parent, you will know if your child's bus arrived in a timely manner with the other buses that serve Henderson Middle School.
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